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Bringing you classes in Tani Ha Shito Ryu Karate  (aka Shukokai) in central Edinburgh for over 20 years

Takumi Students & Instructors Throughout The Years

Takumi are proud to members of the Scottish Karate Confederation and Traditional Karate Great Britain
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Takumi Dojo

What It Costs To Do Karate

As Takumi is a "non profit" making all the funds generated by the club and its members are used for the benefit of the club and the members.  All the instructors are volunteers and receive no remuneration whatsoever.

We try to keep all our costs as low as possible so that karate is affordable for people to take up and need not cost the earth.

  • Training Fees£3 per adult and £2 per child per session.


  • Licence & Grading Book:  This your training insurance and costs £16 per person.  It runs from March to February of the following year and if you join during the year you are charged on a "pro rata" basis up to the following February.


  • Shinsa (Examination) Fee:  Sometimes referred to as Grading Fees, these are charged every time you choose to sit a grading (minimum time between gradings is four months, but you do not have to sit a grading every four months).  From Yellow Belt to Purple belt the fees are £8 and include a certificate an belt, should be successful.  For Brown Belt Shinsa the fee is £10 and for Black belt Shinsa the fees are set by the SKC but usually do not cost more than £40.


  • Gi's (Suits) and Badges: All students must eventually purchase a Gi or suit.  We usually allow you a month of training without a Gi to make sure that karate is what you want to do.  Saves you spending your money when you change your mind.  Similarly you don t have to by a Gi from the club, if you can get one elsewhere that is not a problem.  We can however obtain very favourable discounts from suppliers and can supply you with a lightweight Gi and club badge for around £16.  Club badges themselves cost £3 each and the only thing we ask is that you by at least one.


  • Club Funds: once we have paid our overheads (hall hire, insurances etc) the remaining funds are banked and used to help buy more equipment, or subsidise courses or even travel costs.  None of the instructors are paid!
Important Points
  1. Club is "non profit" making
  2. No joining fees!
  4. Insurance charged "pro rata" if you join during the year!
  5. Funds used to pay for hall hire, subsidised course, travel costs.
  6. No obligation to buy suits, mitts etc from the club.
  7. Low low prices on suits etc with some 2nd hand suits are available for FREE!
  8. Takumi want to provide affordable karate lessons for anyone who wants to learn!

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