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Takumi Dojo

We will try and answer any questions you might have,  but here we have listed the most common ones.  If your question / answer is not shown here, please feel free to email us using the above email address.

Most frequently asked questions:

1.  Who Takes Up Karate?

2.  I Am Neither Fit Nor Flexible - Can I Still Take Up Karate?

3.  Does It Hurt?

4.  Is It Very Military Like?

5.  How Often Do I Have To Attend Classes?

6.  What Will Taking Up Karate Cost Me?

7.  What Sort Of Things Will I Learn?

8.  What Do I Do Next?


Q: Who Takes Up Karate?
A: You do hopefully!  Anyone can take up karate, young or old, male or female.  People start for a variety of different reasons, some of which include Fitness, Self Defence or simply to learn something different.  The minimum age for kids is 7 years old due to insurance requirements but our oldest ever student did not start training till he was 70 years old.

Q: I Am Neither Fit Nor Flexible - Can I Still Take Up Karate?
A: Fitness and Flexibility are only certain aspects of karate, and whilst they are helpful they are not a must as they can be developed through karate training.  We will also show you how to use your body in such a way that flexibility is not essential.  There are a lot of myths surrounding the Martial Arts especially when people think they have to be able to do the splits or something.

Q: Does It Hurt?
A: Yes is the honest answer, but it doesn't have to.  Our teaching methods ensure that safe practice is followed at all times, but Karate is a "contact" martial art and in order to block something, you occasionally have to make contact.  You will also probably ache the day after your first class but this is just your body telling you that you have been using muscles you never knew you had.

Q: Is It Very Military Like?
A: There are certain aspects which are, such as lining our in order of grade or rank, bowing etc but this is designed to maintain and promote things like discipline and respect.  It also works both ways, by you showing respect for your seniors and them in turn showing respect for you.


Q: How Often Do I Have To Attend Classes?
A: We have two regular classes per week and ideally you should try and attend both of these.  However, we fully appreciate that people lead busy and sometimes hectic lives so one class a week would suffice as long as you make sure you practice out with the club.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes and the more you learn.

Q: What Will Taking Up Karate Cost Me?
A: Contrary to what people think, taking up karate needn't cost you the earth.  Takumi Karate Do is a "non profit making" club and all the money generated stays with the club.  Everyone pays dojo fees (class fees) including instructors if they are non teaching.  The money is then used to pay for the hire of the training hall and the rest is banked and used for the members.  The current costs for the club are listed on this site at

Q: What Sort Of Things Will I Learn?
A: At Takumi you take out of our training all the things you feel that a relevant to you.  For example younger members might be interested in competing in sparring events whilst older members might want to develop their self defence skills.  Everyone will learn how to work and co-ordinate their body into delivering timed, controlled moves that can help with "self preservation".  Remember that the skill you learn in karate is not all about hitting people hard, anyone can do that.  The skill is in learning to control the knowledge you attain and to use it wisely.  From this you will then develop other skills such as Self Confidence, Respect (for yourself and others) and much more.


Q: What Do I Do Next?
A: Simply complete the contact page on this website and someone will get back to you to let you know when the next class is (in case of holiday closures etc).  You then simply come along to the class to the meet the instructors and members and see first hand what out club is like.  You can sit and watch a class, or even take part as your first class is free.  We don't believe in charging people for trying something out.

Seniors working with focus mitts

Steve grading for Green Belt

Juniors training

Kieran Potter started when he was 5 years old, turned 12 in 2007

Successful passes at a Takumi Shinsa (grading)

Steven Wilson & Other Seniors training (circa 2007)

Steven & Michael Wilson Many Years Ago (turned 18 in 2007)

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