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Bringing you classes in Tani Ha Shito Ryu Karate  (aka Shukokai) in central Edinburgh for over 20 years

Takumi Students & Instructors Throughout The Years

Takumi are proud to members of the Scottish Karate Confederation and Traditional Karate Great Britain
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Takumi Dojo

Takumi Instructors

The teaching team at Takumi has a combined teaching experience of over 30 years and most of them are former students of the club.  This is something we like to promote and encourage as we feel it makes for a better atmosphere. 

Takumi does not belong to any one individual, it belongs to the members, it's a club in every sense of the word and as such many of the members want to put something back into the club.  What better way to do that than to become an instructor and continue the future of the club.

In the past we have endeavoured to put detailed profiles of each instructor on our website but we felt it was time for a change.  We have put a brief summary of the main qualifications that all our instructors posses and if you want to know a bit more about them, then simply come along to one of our classes and have a good chat with them.


1.  All Takumi Instructors have sat rigorous Dan Gradings with well know and respected instructors in order to obtain their grades.

2.  All Takumi Instructors have attended coaching courses run by Sport Scotland in the following subjects:

            ■  Good Practice & Child Protection
            ■  Coaching Young Performers

            ■  Physiology & Performance

            ■  Sports Nutrition

3.  All "active" Takumi Instructors have been vetted using the Enhanced Scottish Criminal Records Office (ESCRO) checks.

4.  All "active" Takumi Instructors have attended and passed a course in "Basic First Aid".

5.  All "active" Takumi Instructors have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place.


We use the term "active" as some instructors no longer teach or are in the process of taking a break from teaching / training due to other commitments, and as such certain criteria are not required.  However, upon their return all the above criteria must be met.

During the year we often invite guest instructors along to conduct courses or simply take one of our classes.  Our regular visitors include Sensei Harry Cook, 7th Dan and Chairman of the Seijinkai Karate Do Association.  Another is Sensei Julian Mead, 6th Dan and Chairman of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association Great Britain.

On 31st January 2008, Sensei Steve McKenzie retired from active karate to pursue his own training and due to other commitments.  The running of the club was passed by him to Carolyn Fisher and Jim Bailey but Sensei McKenzie is always on hand should they or the club need him.

He will pop in from time to time to train with the members of Takumi, other commitments permitting.  CLICK HERE to read his farewell message.
TKD Instruction Team
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 Sempai Carolyn Fisher (3rd Dan)  Sempai Jim Bailey (3rd Dan)



Sensei Steve McKenzie (4th Dan) 

Sempai Villy Pettersson (2nd Dan)  Sempai Brenda McKenzie (1st Dan)

Visiting Instructors

Sensei Harry Cook (7th dan) and Sensei Julian Mead (6th Dan)

Sensei Mick Bazylewycz (6th Dan)

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