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Takumi Dojo


We will use this section to keep you informed of all the News and happenings at the club.

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Shinsa Success

Congratulations to the following karateka who passed the recent shinsas:


Pamela Mair    4th Kyu (I tag)
Scott Bruce      6th Kyu (I tag)
Navneet Kaur   7th Kyu (II tags)
Conrad Levitt    8th Kyu (III tags)


Gianluca Cuthbertson     7th kyu
Blair Whitelaw               7th kyu
Hannah Cuthbertson       7th kyu
Tyrone Neil                    8th kyu

Daniel Notman               8th kyu


Shinsa Success
Congratulations to the following students who passed the recent club shinsa in April:
Gianluca Cuthbertson 8th kyu (advanced)
Hannah Cuthbertson  8th kyu (advanced)
Blair Whitelaw           8th kyu (advanced)
Tyrone Neil              9th kyu

Pamela Mair         5th kyu (II)
Hiten Vaghmaria   7th kyu (I)
Allan Whitelaw      7th kyu
Adam Gibb           8th kyu (I)
John McGinty       8th kyu (I)
Steven Linsday     8th kyu (I) 

Shinsa Success
Congratulations to the following students who passed the recent club shinsa in February:
George McClure  7th kyu (advanced)
Loren Eadie        8th kyu
Callum Stobie     8th kyu
Sean Lettice       9th kyu 
Emilio Ramirez   9th kyu
Rafael Ramirez  9th kyu
Laura Holbert     9th kyu
Scott Bruce              7th kyu (II)
Monika Klamecka      8th kyu (II)
Mike Somerville        8th kyu (II)
Navneet Kaur           8th kyu (I)
Kosi Segbedzi          8th kyu (I)

Shinsa Success
Congratulations to the following students who passed the recent junior shinsa:
James MacDonald (9th kyu)
Mamhoud El-Ashry (9th kyu)
Gianluca Cuthbertson (8th kyu)
Hannah Cuthbertson (8th kyu)
Ahmed El-Ashry (8th kyu Advanced)

For the first time in three years the club instructors have awarded trophies to reward and acknowledge the hard work of the students.
STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARDS: these are awarded to students for dedication to their karate.
Junior Student of the year: George McClure (7th kyu)
Senior Student of the year: Scott Bruce (8th kyu)
These are awarded by the senior instructor to students that have shown dedication towards the club and are not necessarily a reflection on an individual's ability to do karate. This year there were two recipients.
Adam Gibb (9th kyu) : Awarded for 'coming off the streets' to allow Sensei Carolyn Fisher to perfect bunkai for her yondan grading.
Allan Whitelaw (8th kyu) : Awarded for assisting in the running of the junior classes.
Photos to follow...

Technique Appreciation class
This class will be dedicated to traditional karate with a modern perspective.
Aspects covered will include:

  • Technique understanding
  • Biomechanics of the body
  • Stance training
  • Street Defense
  • Kata bunkai
Each of these topics will not be covered in isolation; the classes will follow on from one another and you will learn how techniques are put together, how stances can affect the way a technique is used, how stances can be used as 'techniques' in their own right, and how to apply what you learn in the dojo to a street-relevant situation. In addition, understanding kata moves in terms of karate versus karate and in terms of street defence will be an important area of training (bunkai). Together, this class should improve your overall karate in terms of technique and understanding, and it will help aspects of normal training such as one-step, attack and defence, kata and kihons (basic techniques). 
This class is open to all senior students. Junior students can attend by invitation from the senior instructor only (minimum criteria: aged 12 years or above; graded to 8th kyu or above).

SHINSA Success

Congratulations to the following students after success in the latest Takumi gradings held on 29th September 2010:
Takumi Juniors
George McClure                 7th kyu
Blair Whitelaw                   8th kyu
Ronan Mountford-Smith     8th kyu
Callum Stobie                    9th kyu
Takumi Senior Students 
   Scott Bruce               8th kyu (III tags)
Hiten Vaghmaria        8th kyu (I tag)
Allan Whitelaw          8th kyu (I tag)

SHINSA Success

Congratulations to Sensei Carolyn Fisher on passing her Shinsa at the recent Seijinkai Gashiku and achieving the rank of Yon-Dan (4th Dan).

Best wishes from all the students and instructors (past and present).

Carolyn and Sensei Harry Cook

Congratulations to the following students who achieved passes in their first Junior Shinsa, held on 29th March 2010:

Gianluca Cuthbertson - 9th Kyu

Hannah Cuthbertson - 9th Kyu

Blair Whitelaw - 9th Kyu

SHINSA Success

Congratulations to the following students who achieved passes in the recent Junior & Seniors Shinsa, held on 1st March 2010:

Ahmed El Ashray - 8th Kyu (Junior)

Pamela Mair - 6th Kyu 1 Tag (Senior)

Kirsten Hazelwood - 8th Kyu 2 Tags (senior)

SHINSA Success

Congratulations to the following students who achieved passes in the recent Junior Shinsa, held on 25th January 2010:

George McLure - 8th Kyu (Advanced)

Yoshi Paukner - 8th Kyu

Ronan Mountford- mith - 9th Kyu

SHINSA Success

Congratulations to Steven Woodfin on attaining 9th Kyu at his first grading for Takumi juniors on 27th July 2009.


SHINSA Success

Congratulations to George McClure and Yoshi Paukner on attaining 9th kyu at the first grading of the new Takumi junior karate class.

TKD students
Yoshi and George pictured with their new red belts, certificates and karate licences.

Congratulations to the following students who successfully battled their way past their another Takumi shinsa on Thursday 7th May 2009: May 2009

Ana Gonzalez Gomez         7th Kyu (II)

Gabriela Antosova             7th Kyu (I)

Pamela Mair                         7th Kyu (I)

Rachel Harper                      8th Kyu (I)

Festive Closing & Opening

The last Takumi training session of 2008 will be on Thursday 18th December and the first class of 2009 will take place on Thursday 8th January 2009.

Jim and Carolyn would like to wish all of our students a good Christmas break....and we shall see you all raring to go in 2009!
Nov 2008


SHINSA Success

Congratulations to the following students who successfully battled their way past their first ever Takumi shinsa on Monday 24th November:: Nov 2008

Ana Gonzalez Gomez         8th Kyu

Clair MacAdam                    8th Kyu (II)

Pamela Mair                         8th Kyu (II)

Congratulations also got to Joseph Ritchie, who was awarded 3 tags on his 7th kyu after showing sustained and continued improvement in his karate over the last few months.


SHINSA Success

Congratulations to those students who passed their grading on Thursday 13th March after demonstrating competence in kihons, combinations, padwork, one-step attack and defence, kata and kumite: March 2008

Joe Ritchie                             7th Kyu (I)

Daniel Hesford                      8th Kyu (III)

Gerard Porter                        8th Kyu (II)

Craig Forrester                     8th Kyu (I)

Nikki Athanasiadou              8th Kyu

Gabby Antosova                    8th Kyu (II)

Grant Calder                         8th kyu  (I)

YAMAE -  Sensei Steve Calls It A Day After 21 Years

A Young Sensei Steve in 1987

In November 1986, a young Steve McKenzie first entered the dojo of what then called St Ann's Shukokai Karate Club.  Now 21 years later, and after seeing the club through many changes, including the renaming to Takumi Karate Do.  Steve has decided to call YAMAE on his teaching career within karate.  He feels it is time to hand the reigns over to the next generation of instructors and allow them to make their mark on the club.  Over the years he has seen many students grow from being timid little juniors into strong, confident seniors approaching adulthood, many of which have felt like extended family to him.  Steve will continue to train in Karate and Kobujutsu, but on his own time due to work and other commitments and he has vowed to pop back now and then to train with the club.  We wish him well and look forward to stepping onto the tatami again with him in the near future. - February 2008


Dan Grading Success For Jim & Carolyn

Dan Grades

After a very successful course with Sensei Harry Cook (7th Dan), Takumi Karate held a Dan Grading for two of its main instructors, Sempai Jim Bailey and Sempai Carolyn Fisher.  Both were grading for San-Dan (3rd Dan) and after a superb display of technique and understanding during the Kata & Bunkai sections, together with Padwork, Knife Defence, Kumite and Combinations, both were successful in and awarded the grade of San-Dan.

Congratulations to both of you from all at Takumi, you have done us proud.  January 2008

New Junior Classes

Karate For Kids

After discussions with Club Instructors and some parents, we want people who are interested in a Kids Class to contact us with a view to them letting us know what times and days suit them and the kids best.  The two times that are being put forward are Saturday mornings from 10am till 11am or Monday evenings from 6.30pm till 7.30pm. 


Anyone interested in providing us with their input, should contact the club on the above email or contact numbers.

SJ McKenzie Memorial Shield - Club Karateka of the Year

This award was created in memory of  Sense McKenzie's father - Stephen John McKenzie, who had a major influence on his martial arts training.  Although not a martial artist, Mr McKenzie always supported his son and encouraged him to do his best.  He was also a practical man who would often come out with his own "pearls of wisdom".

Whilst watching a martial arts movie together many years ago,  Mr McKenzie commented on how "not very good" the main character was, as he kept having to the hit the bad guys more than once.  What a waist of time and effort he said!  Although only a film, it made Steve think about how techniques must be practical and effective. 

Unlike previous years, this years candidates included instructors from the club as it was felt that their efforts sometime go un-noticed.

This years recipient was Sempai Carolyn Fisher and she was presented with the shield at the start of class on Monday 10th December 2007.  She later commented that "she was well chuffed as it was totally unexpected". (photos to follow).

Previous recipients:

2006 Winner - Keith Millar                      2005 Winners - Steven & Michael Wilson                   2004 Winner - Kieran Potter

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